Saturday, October 30, 2010

Blogger's Quilt Festival

This will be my very first time participating in the Bloggers Quilt Festival over at Amy's Creative Side.
This past spring I read many of the posts of participants, but having never made a quilt in my life, I only drooled over other peoples quilts, which was a lot of fun!
Shortly after that, I made my first quilt: the Mod Sampler (pattern by Elizabeth Hartman).

It is far from perfect, but I learned so much while making this quilt!

I was to scared to do any free motion quilting on this one, seeing as I had never quilted anything before, so I stuck with 'simple' straight lines. UGH! NOT so simple...
The backing fabric started to completely pull to one side, which I didn't notice until I had quilted a third of the entire quilt. (I think that was my best lesson learned, check your quilting on the back of your quilt periodically!)
So I also learned a lot about quick and efficient seam ripping.

But taking it out and starting over was so worth it.

I love the end result, and so do my kids! Who cares about perfection anyways?!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

That Girl...That Quilt Along ~ Week 1

I'm participating in a quilt along! This is going to be so fun!
I really wanted to make a quilt for my in-laws this Christmas, and when I saw this Quilt-Along, I had just the charm pack for it.
I really like these fabrics, but I don't think I would ever keep them for a quilt for myself. They just aren't my 'style' but I do love them. Kindof weird, huh?

Can't wait to start sewing!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What's Next?

Now that Ben's quilt is finished, I'm hoping to start something new. I have been pretty good lately about not doing to many things at the same time, without getting anything finished.
I like to have my hexagons on the side, because it is nice to take along to other people's houses :)

I am thinking about starting a quilt for Stella using my Riley Blake fat quarters.
I just can't seem to decide on the pattern. I have a few patterns that I like. I am debating between this one and this one.

And then I need to figure out the size.
She will be in a crib for at least another year, maybe longer. But who might take me that long to finish! Crib or Twin. Decisions...decisions...

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


He's VERY happy with this!

And because he is, I am as well.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Benjamin's Quilt

It seems like ages ago that I started this little flannel quilt for Benjamin. It has been so crazy busy around here that I haven't had much time to sew, and also didn't really feel like it when I did have some spare time. However, the last two evenings have been pretty good, I am almost finished Benjamin's quilt!

I did my first attempt at free motion quilting:

And I loved it!!

This is the back, which is my son's favourite.

I am now working on the binding. At first I thought because this quilt is so busy, I should probably go with a solid binding, but I didn't really like the look of it. I went with the dots and stars print instead, and actually like it!

On a different note, my boys are crazy about the Ikea beads that you can iron together. 

Now, if only I can actually get them to make something with them. That would most likely save me a HUGE mess on the carpet. Every. Single. Day. But hey, at least they're having good fun!