Friday, April 30, 2010

First Things First

I think I suffer from something that seems to be quite common amongst crafters. I would call it eagerness, though some might call it impatience, or procrastination.
However you look at it, and whatever you call it, I have it, and it frustrates me.

How many projects can a person do at the same time? I tend to start something, and I am all excited about it. Then, after a while, the newness of it wears off, and I look for other exciting things.
Because of this I have a gazillion unfinished projects. I WANT to finish them, but the urge to start something new and 'more exciting' takes over.

This is the reason why I am starting to blog about my projects. In the hopes that being confronted by my own unfinished projects from time to time, will push me to finish them, and post about them.
However, this could be just one of those new exciting things that might end up in the WIP basket, neglected and unfinished...

We'll see.

Currently I am working on these things:
* A crocheted blanket for my 6 week old daughter. Almost finished...
* Knitting a cute little shirt for my daughter. Just started.
* 3 name pillows for 2 nephews and a niece, started a looooong time ago. Almost finished.
* Receiving blankets and burp cloths with crocheted edges. Not started yet, supplies purchased.
* A little quilt (my first!) for my second son. Piecing done, waiting to be finished. I don't have a walking foot for my sewing machine, and am sort of putting this project off until I can finish it properly...(I know, good excuse!)
This is all I can think of off the top of my head, though I am quite sure there is more. I will add as they come to mind.
I am also planning to work on getting some pictures up of my unfinished projects, to make it just a little more confronting!


  1. Hey, Annette! :) Found you via Suzanne's blog. Hope you're planning on sharing pics too!

  2. Now I looked you up :) You're going to have to start a new blog if you want to stay hidden!! :)
    That's really not all that many projects - you can have them done in no time!