Monday, November 15, 2010

My Weight Loss Program...

I've decided a few weeks ago that it is time I lose those last few kilo's that are still hanging around from my pregnancies. I've been having a hard time getting motivated, and as a result, I would lose a pound, gain two. Lose two, gain one. Up and down...VERY frustrating.
So now, my husband and I have put together the ultimate weight loss program. We have set one big end goal, and a few small 'in between' goals. For each goal we reach, we get to spend a certain amount on our hobbies (that would be fabric for me, and Volkswagen parts for him...). So far it has been working great! I'm almost at my first goal (and so is he!) so I am starting to look around a bit to decide what to buy, and where to get it. It has been fun! (And I haven't even bought anything yet!!)

One thing I would like to get for sure is this pattern:

I saw it at Above all Fabrics, and have had sitting in my cart for a while now! But now, there is a neat little contest/giveaway going on at Above all Fabrics, and it required me to put a wish list together...Lots of fun! I basically looked at all the fabrics, and picked out a bunch that I think would make very cute 'Sydney' dresses for my little Stella :)
I've been looking at Fandango, by Kate Spain, such lovely fabrics! And I think that the scooters in the Monaco line by Jennifer Moore are just great :)
I seem to be changing my mind just about every day though, so we'll see what I end up using my weight-loss money for!


  1. Good for you! It's great to have an incentive too! =)

  2. super fun idea!!! And be sure to include rewards for when you keep the weight off too :)