Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Pretty Solid

I recently won a giftcard for Sew Mama Sew by guessing the fabric that was in the jar (on Facebook). Being on a 'no buying more fabric for now' budget, this was great!
I had been looking at buying solids, since I own virtually no solids (buying prints is so much more fun!), but I knew that more fabric just had to wait.
Then I won a $15 giftcard! I ended up getting 3 half yard cuts of Kona, FOR FREE! Yay!

I bought Kona Peony, Green Grass and White. They actually all seem to work great with my Summer Song fabrics, which I was hoping for.
Looking forward to working with some solids, yay for free fabric!


  1. I thought that was you when I read the winner that day! It was a fun game, congrats!

  2. Awe,'s always fun to win things.

    I'm curious...was the Kona $5 for a 1/2 yard? I bought some at Hobby Lobby and their price for Kona was $5.99 a yard. I'm just wondering if it's normally $10 a yard...or if your price included shipping?

  3. I am with you...I never get solids! That is so fun though, good work! Thanks for stopping by my BQF entry and for your kind comments! ...I love your quilt too btw, loove the colors.