Monday, May 24, 2010


So I have 3 projects I am currently working on.
I am doing a knitting, crochet and a sewing project, so I can swap projects when I feel like doing something different. It works, because I am doing something different without feeling guilty!
This is my knitting project. I am knitting this little shirt using Bernat Cot'n Corn. It consists of 67% cotton and 33% corn. It is nice and soft, but horribly, horribly splitty. I am not enjoying working with this at all. But I. Will. Finish.
Here is a picture of the horrible splitting that is happening. I will just finish this project, and if I like the look and fit of the shirt I will probably buy some nice yarn and make a nice looking version.
This is my crochet project. It is almost finished, but has been sitting around almost finished for quite a while now. I need to do 2 more colours, and then do the edging. It should take me a couple evenings (if the kids are good) and then it will be done.
And last, my first attempt at a quilt. This is the top all pieced together and the backing fabric laying on top. The name pillow is made with the same fabrics, and the pillow and blanket are supposed to go together.
I ended up layering the quilt (with help of a friend who knows far, far more about quilting than I will ever know...) and quilting it. The quilting part wasn't that great. It was fun to do, but as expected, the squares started to fold over a little bit at the end. I will have to post a picture soon of what it looks like. Lucas already loves it despite the imperfections, so I will just end up finishing it the way it is. It is just waiting for the binding now, with which I will need help (or at least instruction) as well.

Now that this is nicely documented, I will actually have to get up and finish it all!

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