Thursday, May 27, 2010

Double the excitement!

I LOVE buying fabric online. I find that I get the excitement of buying something new not once, but twice!
Initially I am so excited that I bought fabric, and the anticipation of receiving it is so fun!
Then when it finally comes in the mail (LIKE TODAY!!) I get excited all over again.

This is what I received in the mail today:
6 Fat Quarters by Patty Young. The hummingbird one is definitely my favourite and I think I am not so excited about the auqa and red stripe.

In the same pack I also got this:
7 Make Life Fat Quarters by Sweetwater for Moda. I thought when I bought it that the little star fabric was actually a polkadot fabric, but I really do like the stars!

Another thing that is nice about receiving fabric in the mail, is that all of a sudden very unexpectedly it becomes laundry day! I am getting a TON of laundry done today, thanks to this, and my impatience to get my fabric washed.

I am off to put another load in!

1 comment:

  1. Love them all! Especially the aqua/red ones. Don't cut them have to finish your quilt first :) (I really shouldn't be the one saying that!) You want to get together next week so I can show you the binding?