Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Quilting Bug

So...I think I officially caught it.
The quilting bug. I already had a thing for fabric. Mostly modern, coordinating fat quarters, but almost anything will get me going!

I finished my little 'try-out-quilt' which I made for my son to match his name pillow, and I can't think about anything else but making another quilt!

Here is my son, enjoying his new 'blankie'. I'm thinking maybe I should make him a bigger one someday!

Soooo...I had this big stash of Moda fabrics sitting around for a long time (the Arcadia line) and finally found a project for them!
These are my fat quarters:

And I need 12 of these to make this quilt. The quilt-along is long done, but that just means that I can find a lot of inspiration here!

I picked out my fabrics:
I hope to start my cutting before the end of the week. But...I do have some knitting and crochet projects that I haven't entirely forgotten about!

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  1. hehe - it's makes me happy to hear you say that!

    Just a thought on the colours...what if you used the orange background with the circles instead of the grey one? Only because the front orange leafy one might be stick out more than the rest and with another bold one it'll balance out maybe?