Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I Did It!

I actually started to cut my fabric!
I was quite worried about cutting into my fabric. For months I have just been staring at the pretty pile of fat quarters, and now I finally found a project that sounds great for these prints. Of course I have yet to see if it will really look good, and not just overly busy...

I cut all of the block-pieces. I still have to find some backing fabric, and figure out what to use for the sashing.

I started sewing Block A. It went well, until I got to the 'squaring my blocks' part. I have a new sewing machine with a 1/4 " foot, and I am not used to it yet. My seam allowance was a bit larger than 1/4" so my blocks turned out to small
I took my seam ripper to all 6 blocks, and re-did them with the proper seam allowance.
I did Block B as well, and some of these turned out just a tiny bit to small as well. I really have to watch this. And work on getting used to a different foot.
But I am having fun, and I am not expecting a perfect quilt out of it!


  1. They look great Annette! The sashing will tone the busyness down and for your backing (and binding) you could used some more of your fat quarters...

  2. Yeah, I suppose I could do that! It's so fun :)
    Thanks for the introduction to quilting...