Friday, June 4, 2010!?!

I am not usually one to fix things. Often I intend to fix what is broken...someday.
'Someday' usually doesn't happen.
But now it is Mending Week at Making More With Less, and I really wanted to make more with less too!

It has been about a year since I made my very first attempt at quilting something. I made a little potholder, and I had so much fun doing it! Until I came to the binding part.
The tutorial that I used, told me to have a separate piece of binding for each side of the quilt (in this case my potholder). And then I had to do the stitch in the ditch method on the front, and by doing that, attach the binding on the back.
It was the most frustrating thing ever. So frustrating that eventually I zipped through the ditch, and ended up with this:

And threw it in a bag in a closet. I was pretty ticked off that I couldn't do it.

But since then, I have learned to do binding the better/easier way from this tutorial.
It was fun, easy and relaxing. Especially the hand stitching.
No more stitch in the ditch for me... honour of Mending Week, I pulled out the potholder and ripped off the binding (which was an awful job. The stitching was so tight, it took me a couple of hours, yes, hours, to get it off!)
I re-did the binding, and in the process also put a little loop on one of the corners, so it can hang.

Now, I don't just have something that was fun to fix and looks way better, but I also have a present for someone. I needed a small gift for someone, and I wanted it to be homemade.

Tadaaaa...I think I might love mending!


  1. Good for you for ripping it all out. I so don't have patience for seam ripping either. :-)

  2. Yea! It turned out so much nicer!!