Friday, July 30, 2010


It took me just a little longer than I had hoped, but who cares! I finished my quilt, and am very happy with it.
It is far from perfect but I love it regardless. Making this quilt taught me so much and definitely makes me excited to tackle another project like this one.The basting was where things went a little funny. I basted, but didn't do a good enough job. I ended up having to take a whole bunch of quilted lines out. Then I took apart the layers, and decided to spray baste it instead. It worked like a charm (with my husbands help:).
I did make the mistake after my first basting attempt of trimming the edges before the quilting. When I spray basted, it was hard, and almost impossible to line up the front and back properly. So the back is a little crooked. Also, the quilt turned out just a tiny bit smaller because I had to 're-trim' the whole thing.
My binding is very skinny, because my seam allowance was way off. I wasn't paying attention. I guess things like that shouldn't be done after midnight...
This made for not very nice looking corners, but I don't care. It is finished, and I am happy with it.
Maybe sometime down the road if the binding really bugs me, I'll take it off and replace it. We'll see!

I am going on holidays next week, and I am sorely tempted to start this.
It looks like something horribly addicting. But it is a project with small pieces, which would be nice for using scraps, and for taking along.
I might be doing some cutting tonight!


  1. This is a lovely quilt. Well done!! The colours are fabulous.


  2. It's beautiful! You did an excellent job on it. I've also made this quilt pattern.

  3. What a beautiful quilt, front and back.

  4. Both sides are beautiful! What a wonderful accomplishment. I still need to finish mine.