Wednesday, July 7, 2010


My daughter Stella is almost 4 months old. She is suddenly really starting to get into 'blankies'. You know, an (often) flannel receiving blanket that gets dragged along on every trip, and if it isn't available at bedtime, bedtime simply isn't going to happen.
Both our boys were very attached to theirs. Our 5 year old Benjamin still has his, although he can do without if he needs to. His is falling apart at all corners, and I have repeatedly snipped pieces off of it, and then just tied a big knot in the corner. But I am not allowed to throw it out. I can see it being stored somewhere and him sneaking in the closet, just for a 'smell'.
I loved Benjamin's blankie. Lucas' not so much. It was just to big to be taken along, and it was a very dark colour blue with a black trim. Just not my favourite., before Stella latches on to one of my ugly boring receiving blankets, I am working on making a rag quilt 'blankie' (actually two) in fun happy colours.
I am making two, so we will hopefully won't be faced with a lost blankie, and also just because I couldn't pick between the two colours.
I loved the flowers and gingham fabrics in blue and green, but I liked it in girly colours too. So here we are. Two bright colour combinations. After all...babies love brights, and so do I!
Squares are cut, ready to be made into 2 'blankies' tonight. No other receiving blanket will stand a chance!

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