Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Girly fabrics

I don't know how long I've drooled over girly fabrics. I just never dared to buy them. I think it was mostly because I would want to keep them to make something for 'the-girl-we-might-someday-have'. And what if we would be blessed with just boys? Then all that beautiful girly fabric would just sit there unused...
But...the girl did come along, and so did the girly fabric. Today actually...in the mailbox!
Summer Song from My Minds Eye, for Riley Blake. I loved this line from the first time I saw it. These are the Orange and the Green fat Quarters, and the Pink is still on it's way to my mailbox.

I also finished my first Rag-quilt, but did kind of a half job. The next one will be better, but here is a picture anyways:

1 comment:

  1. Oooh...nice fabric!
    And cute quilt. When I made Tessa's I made two too and good thing because we lost one at some point!